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What is TLS?

TLS stands for “Tension LED System”. Developed and patented by Media Graph Inc., the system provides the solution to surface lighting for any size surface for countless applications and industries by using only 4 main components.
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How does the TLS work?

TLS works in a very simple way using only 4 main components:

  1. LED Boards: Single or double-sided LED boards.
  2. PCB Holders: Connectors mounted on special stainless steel cables that provide both the ability to tension the LED boards as well as the electricity.
  3. Tensioners: Conduct the electricity as well as tension the PCBH cables.
  4. Anchors: Connects the electricity and the mechanical anchor to the ceiling or frame.
All the parts create a collapsible system that requires low power, minimal wiring and can be single/double-sided with just one system and without compromising depth. With this, any size surface lighting needed can be achieved with no hotspots.
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What is the size limitation of the TLS?

The TLS system is custom-manufactured to create any desired size lighting. This is achievable since LED boards can be trimmed to as small as 2 LED segments and placed in sequence vertically and/or horizontally. Furthermore, the system can be perfectly tensioned to fit any surface with no hotspots thanks to the tensioners by keeping a uniform distance from the diffuser substance.
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Are there similar systems on the market?

As one of our patent points, there is no other system that provides tensioning and electrical power on the same system for surface lighting and as such, is the only one of its kind. There are some similar systems on the market that use electrical wires that cannot be tensioned and require additional elements in order to mount the system.
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How can I calculate the components required for my project?

There are two ways to calculate the components required for your project.

  1. To get a rough estimate for the amount of components, calculate the square foot of the surface. Approximately 2.5 LED boards/SF and 5 PCB Holders/SF are needed. The number of anchors and tensioners depend on the size and shape of the TLS needed. Please contact us for more information at to calculate the components for your project.
  2. Use our online calculator (Note: this tool is available only for our resellers, lighting specifies and architects). Please contact us for more information at to calculate the components for your project.
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Where is the TLS manufactured?

TLS was designed, developed and manufactured mainly in Canada – some parts are manufactured in China in a very strict quality control environment under the supervision of our qualified team.
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What is the weight of the TLS?

TLS is an extremely lightweight system that weighs 72g/SqFt.
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How I can I become a reseller?

In order to become a reseller for TLS International, you will need to fill up an application form and describe your company business activity and domain. We will evaluate your company activity, location and will get back to you with our reseller program.
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Can the luminosity of the LED’s be controlled?

Yes. The TLS system can have a different lumens output depending on the distance of the LED boards. We normally keep in stock a Premium configuration (LED boards spaced 60mm apart) and Standard configuration (LED boards spaced 120mm apart). Custom distancing can be made depending on your requirements. Furthermore, TLS offers a dimming solution that works with 3 main control methods: PWM, resistance, and 0-10 V. All three methods generate PWM signal to the TLS system.
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What is candela (measurement of lighting) and how to measure it?

Candela is luminous power per unit solid angle emitted by a point light source in a particular direction. In order to measure the foot candela, we use an LED meter.
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What are the color temperatures of the TLS?

In regular stock, we keep the following color temperature (CCT) LED boards: 3000k, 4100k, 5700k, and 7500k. Any other request can be custom-made depending on the order quantity.
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Can the TLS be RGB?

We are presently developing an RGB version of the TLS called TLS Digital. The system will be fully addressable in order to control each pixel for the color and intensity. The system will be based on the same principle of the TLS including all the advantage and much more. More information will be available as soon as the development is completed.
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Can the TLS be dimmable?

Yes. TLS international developed a dimming unity that can be controlled by the following options: resistors, PWM, and 0-10V. The dimming unit is connected to a regular driver and modulates the output voltage from 0-100% lighting output.
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If there is a defective led, do I see a hot spot?

This will depend on the diffused material, if it is plain or printed. In the case of a printed material, the chances of having a hotspot are extremely low. In the case of a defective LED, we recommend replacing the entire LED board.
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How can I avoid shadows on the extremity of the system?

At TLS International, we consistently seek innovation and find ways to improve our system. In some applications when using a white diffuser, in the area of the tensioners some low lumens output can be seen. As a solution nevertheless, TLS International developed clips that connect to the tensioners, which allow to add an extra LED board avoiding any shadowing.
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Do I need 2 TLS systems for double-sided applications?

No. For double-sided application, the system remains the same. The only difference will be that the LED boards will have LEDs on both sides. Therefore, a single or double-sided application can be used without compromising depth and on the same system. These factors make this one of the biggest advantages of the TLS system.
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What is the minimum distance required from the TLS system to the substance?

The distance of the diffuser substance from the LED boards depend on the diffused material being used. The rule of thumb for the distance recommended to a diffused material to avoid hotspots is approximately the distance between the LED pixels. We recommend using our TLS Sample Kit to do a test before ordering the TLS. In areas of limited space, we recommend using the TLS OPTO to decrease the distance of the LED boards from the diffuser substance.
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What kind of substance can I use in front of the TLS?

Any type of material that has diffusing characteristics can be used in front of the TLS system. The most common material that used for backlit application are the following: printed fabric, diffuser fabric, Media Foil stretch vinyl with or without print, acrylic, onyx, or laminated glass. In some cases where the design requires the look of hotspots, a more transparent material can be used.
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Is the TLS a good solution for retrofitting?

TLS is an excellent solution for retrofit whether needed for single or double-sided application. The fact that the TLS does not need any backing substrate and uses tensioners only makes the retrofit process incredibly easy and simple.
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Can I use the TLS for shaped surfaces?

Yes. One of the advantages of the TLS is the ability to trim/adjust the LED board size, making TLS ideal to cover and illuminate shaped surfaces. As well, the ability to curve the tensioning cables makes the TLS a great solution to wrap columns.


Can TLS be used even though there are obstacles?

The fact that LED boards can be removed or trimmed makes TLS ideal for situations where penetrations/obstacles occur (e.g. fire alarms, sprinklers).
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Does TLS offer Media Foil stretch ceiling?

Yes. For applications such as stretch ceilings, we recommend using the Mediatex Foil Light, a vinyl stretch fabric, allowing for even, wrinkle-free illumination.


Does TLS offer printed surfaces?

Yes. TLS International is part of Media Graph Inc. We boast advanced capabilities all in-house including high quality printing up to 3.2M wide with no limit in length, cutting, finishing, CNC milling, metal fabrication, wood fabrication, design, and laboratory testing.
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When using the TLS on a ceiling application, does it sag?

With the use of tensioners that can hold up to 500lbs, TLS is tensioned straight and aligned at the optimal distance from the diffuser substance. With vertical application (i.e. wall mounted), gravity helps tensioning and prevents sagging. However, with horizontal applications (i.e. stretch ceilings), there is a slight sagging potential. In this case, small anchors are used to support the PCB holders and cables to prevent sagging thus, keeping the tension straight and maintaining a uniform distance from a diffuser substance throughout. TLS International offers simple solutions no matter the environment.
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How does the TLS work on round columns?

The flexible tension cables can be easily bent and make TLS the solution when it comes to round columns. Wrapping the TLS around the column like a tension belt can create surface lighting without even using one screw to anchor the system in most cases.
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Do I need a specific frame to use the TLS system?

No. Any existing frame can work with the TLS system by using our U-Channels at the top and bottom of the system. In the case of Media Graph printed fabric or Mediatex Foil Light, we recommend using the TLS profiles that are designed to work with all components very easily.


What is the diffuser material recommended for stretch ceiling application?

At TLS International, we recommend using Mediatex Foil Light for non-printed stretch ceiling applications and Mediatex Lux for printed application. This recommendation is build on 20 years experience in light box applications.


What is the power consumption of the TLS?

The exact consumption of your TLS system can be provided using the TLS online calculator. To estimate the calculation, the consumption for TLS Premium configuration is 7W/SQF and 14W/SQF for single and double-sided respectively. For the TLS Standard configuration, the consumption is 3.5W/SQF and 7W/SQF for single and double-sided respectively. Furthermore, TLS International can custom-make the desired energy consumption and luminosity of your choice to best suit your project.


What power supply do I need to conduct the TLS?

Most of the TLS systems work with 24V DC power supplies. The wattage of the power supply depends on the load of the specific size of the project and if single or double-sided. This can be calculated automatically with the TLS online calculator. TLS International offers as a standard HLG type power supplies, considered high standard in the market.


How efficient is the TLS System?

The efficiency of the TLS system is constantly improving. Today, the system offers about 100 lm/W.


Does the TLS get over heated?

By using low power LEDs and driving the LEDs in mid range of the current needed, the amount of heat that the TLS generates is very low. Furthermore, the power supply used for the system drives at max 80% of its capacity. All of the above contributes to a long-lasting, reliable system.


What added hardware does TLS offer?

In addition to the TLS components, TLS International offers: different aluminum extruded profiles, connectors, wire jumpers, power supplies and many other accessories to facilitate assembly and application on-site.


Can I reduce the consumption per sqf?

TLS designs all LED boards to be with optimal output efficiency (lm/W). In the case that a project requires lower consumption, we have the ability to design the LED board to any desired requirement.


What is the force that the TLS can be stretched?

TLS is designed with special stainless 1/16th-inch cables that have both a high resistance for tension and the ability to run a high electrical current. TLS has minimum break strength of 500lbs. One of the advantages of this system is that it can be stretched/tensioned straight to allow a uniform distance from a surface in both vertical or horizontal applications with minimal wiring.


How can I access the ceiling equipment after installing the TLS system?

TLS is a collapsible system that can be dismounted very easily with no tools to access any equipment that needs to be installed/adjusted behind the system. Please view the following video for assembling/disassembling the system.


How difficult is the maintenance of the TLS?

TLS is designed to be “maintenance-free”. Nevertheless, it is very easy to replace either LED boards or the power supply – the only two components of the system that are capable of failing.


Do TLS offer installation services?

TLS International offers turn key solution for installation. Nevertheless, the system is designed for all to install and does not require professional installation.


How do I install the TLS?

TLS International offers an online application that provides all necessary information for assembly and installation of the system. In the case that you are not authorized to access the online application, you can email your request at and we will email the documents to you.


Does the system require professional installation?

In regards to Mediatex Foil Light, we recommend our professional team complete the installation. In other cases, we provide all necessary technical information and drawings that can assist anyone to complete the installation.


Is TLS certified?

TLS is UL, CE, LM 80, and LM 79 certified.


What is the warranty of the TLS?

Please visit our Terms & Conditions to find out more about the warranty.


Where is the TLS patented?

TLS is patented in most of the world’s countries including China making our intellectual property well protected. We have also based our future development on some of these same features.


How do I order the TLS?

TLS can be ordered in 2 main ways:

  1. Preassembled: preassemble the system to fit your retrofit size or preassemble with the whole frame or structure if needed.
  2. Disassembled: order the TLS as a bulk order to be assembled at your location. We have an online calculator that will help you define all components and method of assembly.


Where can I order the TLS?

If there is a reseller in your area, you will need to order it from them. Find them through our "Rep Finder" In other cases, please contact TLS International directly.


How can I order in bulk?

A bulk order of TLS is a preset quantity of the parts needed to build and assemble the TLS system. Please contact TLS International with your request.


How fast can I get my order?

TLS holds a vast inventory for all parts. In the case of a bulk order, the lead-time is approximately 5 business days after payment. In the case of a preassembled order, the lead-time will depend on the scope of the project. For a more accurate lead-time, please advise your project details.


What is the best way to ship the TLS?

TLS can be shipped by air, ground or ocean. As the system is extremely lightweight and collapsible, the cost of shipment is relatively low.


What is the process of returning defective parts?

TLS parts have a long lifetime and normally do not need to be replaced. In the case of a defective part however, please contact TLS International.


What is the ordering process?

  1. For a bulk order, please contact TLS International
  2. For a bulk order that is related to a specific project, please contact your rep directly
  3. For a preassembled system, please contact us or our rep in your area with the details of your project.
After receiving your quote, you will need to provide us with a PO after which we will create an invoice for the project. As soon as the terms of payment are made, we will begin the order preparation. Shipping can be prepaid using our account or under your account by your instruction.


How do I use the TLS sample kit?

The TLS Sample Kit is designed for architects and lighting specifiers to test the TLS system with different substance diffusers at different distances and color temperatures. Go to the TLS page and request a free sample kit or
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How can I get the TLS sample kit? What does it contain? What is it for?

The TLS sample kit is designed for architects and lighting specifiers to help them find the perfect surface lighting solutions. The sample kit contains LED boards with all necessary components such as PCB Holders, PCBH cables, tensioners, anchors, and a frame in order to create a rigid surface. Furthermore, 2 adjustable measurement legs are included to attach diffuser substances for testing. Please go to the TLS page and request a free sample kit or
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What is the range of CCT for the TLS Dynamix?

The color temperature (CCT) can be set to any value between 2800K and 7500K.
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Does the TLS Dynamix have a high CRI?

We maintain a high CRI level of above 80.


Is the TLS Dynamix dimmable?

The system can be dimmed between 100% and 0% without shifting the CCT.
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How is the TLS Dynamix controlled?

It can be controlled by Dali protocol or 0~10V control, including a variety of Bluetooth smartphone apps.
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Are there any health benefits?

By simulating the changes that occur with natural light throughout a day, the TLS Dynamix can be set to a CCT value between 2800K and 7500K, increasing productivity and concentration in an office environment. It can improve the well-being and accelerate the healing process of patients in a healthcare facility.


Are there any benefits for retail?

Adjusting the CCT and dimming the TLS Dynamix can light your products to harmonize with any season, time of day or product type.


Does the TLS Dynamix have the same advantages as the TLS?

Yes, the TLS Dynamix is available with single or double-sided LED boards and can be tensioned in place for an even light density.
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